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2013 - Spanish Guitar



The life events that led me to take on independent projects as a goal, where led by the downturn within the music industry, the touring experiences, and the migrations to different countries.This new phase forged a new path that established my journey as a guitarist.


As a world jazz musician, some of the projects I undertook included recording sessions for films, commercials, and other artists. Overall, I became a family man, and a father to my children.



2004 - Latin Pop



This period was highlighted by the launch of the new project have our music reach the U.S. audience.  The project was completed within the last few months in Mexico, before moving to the U.S.  The rhythms utilized for the new album consisted of a fusion of Central America, and South America with a touch of European POP. Loris Ceroni a well-known co-producer an expert in this genre, which have created Mega Hits such as OV7. The group undertook 90% of the CD’s production, and utilized Caliente-Pimienta Records (U.S.) and Universal Music


2000 - Born Avane Band



“Group Avane” After the devastating departure from our beloved Cuba  (1998-1999), the group had to reinvent itself in México-DF.  Because of this unexpected departure from Cuba, the group “Los Sauces” became fragmented.  The fragmentation of the group brought a sense of loss to its members, which tested our solidarity and spirit as a team.  Afterwards, the ties among group members became stronger and a new CD, “Dejala,” was produced, recorded, and sold throughout Mexico.  Because of the CD’s success, we were able to perform on tours, festivals, and various clubs throughout the Mexican states.  Not only did we make friends, but we found a great Cuban community, which became our new family.



1994 - Los Sauces de Cuba



The group "Los Sauces" marked the most important chapter of my life in Cuba. Our family was admired for its music talent and the deep passion for the music and culture.  After many years of studying at the Conservatorio de La Habana, I was ready to enter the next phase of my profession as a musician.  During this period, I was able to reconnect with my father and progressively put together our dreams.  After countless concerts thru different continents and the help of Gira Nacional, we were able to capture over half a million people with our music.  This phase was the springboard to record our first CD, “El Baile del Sol.”  Unfortunately, due to governmental restrictions over the music industry, which is governed by EGREM, the CD was never able to be released to the public for sale.  Even though this restrictions where set in place, there are live concert videos and tv that exposed our music to the general public.



1980 - Beginning my music profession



This period represented a new phase for the International Conjunto, which marked the beginning of my profession path as a musician.  The following four years were filled with many provincial festivals.  The driving force behind the festivals, where attributed to Bandera Por La Paz (Sofia-Bulgaria).  In addition, it brought much national and international recognition for its community response and it composition quality.


During those years as a singer and guitarist, I was able to submerge myself in the essence of the son cubano.  In addition, I was able to work with various promoters of the Cuban genre, such as the Septeto Nacional Ignacio Piñeiro. Thru the years, the group incorporated Latin American folklore in the composition and interpretation of the music, which brought much success to the band.  The Inti Illimani and Quilapayún of Chile band,inspired our group for further growth.Moreover, some of the composers and interpreters, which influenced our music among others, consisted of Simón Diaz (Venezuela) and Yupanqui (Argentina).  All of this factors helped create the foundation that established the legacy of the group.





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